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Basics of Extended Homeowners Replacement Coverage

When purchasing coverage for their home, too many policyholders often make the mistake of simply insuring it for the resale value. However, should a flood, storm or other event occur, they may find that the cost to rebuild far exceeds the original purchase price. This discrepancy can occur for a variety of reasons, including inflated […]

Uninsured and Underinsured Motorists

Unfortunately, many people wrongly assume that auto and umbrella insurance policies will provide reimbursement for all aspects of an accident on the road. Instead, both of these policies cover your own liability and provide compensation to others in the event that you are responsible for an accident. However, if another driver causes an accident and […]

Latest Safety Features for New Car Shoppers

Vehicle technology seems to advance each year, as new features improve driver and passenger safety. The following are just a few driver-assist features to be aware of the next time you’re in the market for a new vehicle: Adaptive cruise control: This type of cruise control automatically speeds or slows down your car based on […]

The Independent Agent Advantage

What do I give up by not using a licensed independent agent to purchase insurance? The disadvantage of not using a licensed agent to purchase insurance is that the policyholder does not receive as much, or often any, personal service. A licensed agent with whom there is direct contact can be vital when purchasing a […]

Lightning and Summer Storms

Lightning storms are incredibly dangerous and more deadly than tornadoes, floods and hurricanes. When a storm is on the verge of striking your area, you need to know the steps to take in order to protect your family and home. Use these tips to stay safe during a lightning storm: Seek shelter in an enclosed […]

Quick Tips for Safe RV Usage

Recreational vehicles (RVs) can be a fun way to see the country and spend time with your family. However, because they’re bigger and heavier than an average car, there are additional hazards that come with owning and operating an RV. Many RV accidents can be avoided by following these helpful tips: Know the weight capacity […]

Is Gap Coverage Right for You?

Guaranteed asset protection, or gap insurance is an optional automobile coverage that helps you transfer the financial risk if you are involved in an auto accident and you owe more for your vehicle than the amount that it’s worth.

Simmerman Sprint Series Racing

Chris M. Smith and Perrin Caldwell, Jr. take a moment with B J Simmerman of Simmerman Racing to acknowledge the sponsorship of Caldwell Insurance towards the Sprint Series race car and his 2015 racing season.

Title Sponsor for Gateway To The Delta Race

“Gateway to the Delta”, is presented by the Batesville Rotary Club and Caldwell Insurance is proud to support this great event as a Title Sponsor. The 10-mile and 5k races showcase Batesville’s historic downtown, surrounding rolling hills and terrific proximity to Memphis, Tupelo, Oxford, Grenada and others. These and other factors promise to make this […]

Sponsor of 505 Multisport

505 Multisport is a diverse, fun group of local athletes. We love to exercise outdoors. We love to run, bike & swim. We love to race in triathlons & race on trails. We do a little bit of everything, but we are moms, dads, grandparents, blue-collar & white-collar, but above all else, friends & a […]

Proud to Once Again Sponsor Racing For Paws 5K Run

Racing For Paws 5K Run: Saturday, May 16, 8:00AM The Eighth Annual Racing For Paws 5K benefits The Panola County Humane Society’s efforts to provide care to abandoned and lost animals, and low-cost spay / neutering services. Click here: Panola County Humane Society Website Bring your family and friends to spend the day on the […]

Donation for Mississippi Expo’s Traveling Baseball Team

Donation to local player Zack Dugger for participation in Mississippi Expo’s 13 traveling baseball team. The Mississippi Expos 13 is a travel baseball team consisting of 13 year old boys. They are based out of Oxford, MS. They are one of many divisions of Team Mississippi. You may find out more information on www.teammississipi.net. The […]

Teens, Social Media and a Parent’s Liability

For many the high school experience comes with social pressures and obligations to fit in and belong, and sadly this can lead to exclusion and isolation of some students. At some point everyone probably said something in their teen years in the heat of the moment that they now wish could be taken back, but […]

Don’t Be Fooled: Auto Insurance State Minimums Probably Aren’t Enough

There are a wide variety of silly and somewhat funny things we can do from time to time, like telling people that dihydrogen monoxide is coming out of the sink (dihydrogen monoxide is the chemical name for water), but one thing you should avoid falling for as a consumer is being told that carrying only […]

Was Your Home Loan Sold? Quick, Call Your Insurance Agent!

Do you have a mortgage? Yes? Then at some point in your home-owning life, you have received a letter telling you that your mortgage has been sold to another lender. There’s certainly nothing unusual about it when this happens, as home loans are sold every day in the United States. It is a very common […]

Home Inspections Before Winter Weather Comes

This time of year can be just great here in Mississippi. However, you won’t get much fireside snuggling done if your chimney clogs or your roof springs a leak. And while prepping your home for winter weather isn’t much fun, once you do it, your peace of mind can last all season long. Here’s a […]

5 Big Insurance Mistakes

TRYING TO SAVE MONEY? AVOID THE FIVE BIGGEST INSURANCE MISTAKES. With far too many Americans out of work, and others forced to make ends meet with less money, many people are looking for ways to cut costs. There are smart ways to save on home and auto insurance; however, there are also mistakes that can […]

Scheduling Under Homeowners

SCHEDULING ITEMS UNDER YOUR HOMEOWNERS INSURANCE Perhaps it’s the latest electronic gadget or large screen hi-def television, or new sporting goods gear or maybe a piece of sparkling jewelry. If you happen to receive or purchase a particularly expensive item, you may consider purchasing extra protection, just in case. Why would I need to schedule […]